Top Services You Need to Maintain Your Vehicle in Rockland, ME

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Keeping up with scheduled service is important anywhere — but it’s especially crucial here in Rockland, Maine. Our harsh winters and salty coastal air can really do a number to your vehicle, shortening its lifespan and reducing its reliability. To keep your truck or SUV running at its peak in Maine, bring it to Quirk Chevrolet GMC of Rockland for these essential services.

Oil changes

Don’t procrastinate on oil changes by making your truck or SUV suffer with dirty oil, low oil levels, or a clogged filter. Sticking to your recommended Chevrolet or GMC oil change schedule will lengthen the engine’s life, improve its performance and efficiency, and help it endure difficult weather conditions.

Fluid flushes

Oil isn’t your vehicle’s only vital fluid. Depending on the model you drive and its age, you might also need to have the transmission fluid, brake fluid, coolant, power steering fluid, or differential fluid flushed and replaced. Our service team will be happy to check all these fluids for you and provide recommendations when it’s time for an exchange.

Tire care

Properly functioning tires are a must for driving along the Rockland coast. A few simple services will keep yours performing at their peak — and help them last longer:

  1. Be sure to have the tires rotated at the recommended intervals to keep them from wearing unevenly.
  2. You may need a wheel or tire alignment to promote even wear and prevent costly damage, especially if you notice your vehicle pulling or drifting to one side.
  3. The tires might need balancing to promote safety and effective performance. Tires can be thrown out of balance due to uneven wear, potholes, and other factors.
  4. Consider installing winter/snow tires on your vehicle during that season in Maine to preserve your all-season tires.

Battery check

Extreme conditions can take a toll on your vehicle’s battery, so it’s important to get it checked at regular intervals. A dead battery can be a serious inconvenience, especially when it leaves you stranded in bad weather or unable to fulfill work and family commitments.

Here at Quirk Chevrolet GMC of Rockland, our technicians are trained to complete all these services and much more. Invest in your vehicle’s future by scheduling maintenance at our local dealership!


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