Towing a Trailer in Rockland? Bring Your Truck to Quirk First!

Towing a Trailer| Quirk Chevrolet of Rockland | Rockland, ME

No matter how powerful and capable your Chevrolet or GMC truck is, heavy towing jobs can push it to the limit and lead to severe strain and wear.  Before you use your pickup to pull another hefty load in Maine, make sure it’s up for the job by bringing it in for these services at Quirk Chevrolet GMC of Rockland.

Brake work

Towing can be especially hard on a truck’s brakes, so make sure to bring your truck in for frequent checkups. Here at our truck service center in Rockland, Maine, we’ll carefully inspect the entire brake system (including pads, rotors, and fluid) to make sure it’s not worn or in need of service.

Cooling system check

The sheer effort of towing can truly strain your truck’s cooling system. Whether you’re hitching up a trailer for the first time or do so on a regular basis, get components like radiator hoses, water pump, and cooling fan inspected by a Rockland mechanic to ensure that they won’t let you down.

Tire inspection

To tow safely and effectively, your truck’s tires need to be in good shape. Have them inspected and rotated regularly at Quirk Chevrolet GMC of Rockland to keep them in excellent condition — and to catch problems early. You’ll also want to keep them properly inflated and confirm that they are rated to handle the loads you tow.

Fluid service

Your truck has to work harder when it’s towing a trailer, and that places heavier demands on its fluids. So, make sure you’re keeping up with the schedule in the owner’s manual for oil changes and fluid flushes. And don’t forget to regularly check and replenish all your truck’s fluids.

Hitch and trailer maintenance

Your truck needs regular maintenance to sustain its towing capabilities — and don’t forget to do the same for your trailer and your trailering equipment. The hitch, wiring, and safety chains should all be inspected and maintained on a regular basis. Always make sure your trailer’s brake lights, tires, and connectors are working properly and in good condition.

For all of your towing needs, consult with the truck service experts at Quirk Chevrolet GMC of Rockland. Our technicians can help ensure that your truck will perform at its best the next time you hitch your trailer.


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